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☙ Welcome ❧

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Where shall I go?
To the left where nothing is right
To the right where nothing is left.

✮ FAQ ✮


What's your real name?
- Oh ho ho, you thought I would answer that just flat out didn’t you. Just call me Hokousha, Hoko, or Rae.

What does your username mean and why did you pick it?
- Hokousha or Hokosha is the romaji spelling for 歩行者 which translates to pedestrian. The reason why I picked it is because I'm a wandering pedestrian to the public; no one special, not noticeable, and happen to get in the way a lot for those who have places to be and people to see.

Are you a boy or a girl? What pronoun should I use to address you?
- I am a girl, however, I do not care what pronouns you use to address me. Use whatever you are most comfortable with. I find it cute when I’m called a boy.

How old are you?
- I am old. //bricked, but the Legend of Zelda series is only 6 years older than me and I'm about 3 years older than the Pokémon series.

What is your sexuality?
- Demisexual

Are you in a relationship?
- Yes.

What nationality are you? Where are you from?
- I am from NA.

Where do you live now?
- Middle of nowhere. I desperately wish to leave.

Do you have any pets?
- Yes. Cats and a stupid bird.

Can I use your work?
- No. Please do not use my work in any way shape or form. Please ask permission for anything you are considering.

Why don't you do much fan art?
- First off, lot of people like to steal that and repost it because , which is also my second point, it gets a lot of attention. A lot of bad attention or unnecessary attention in my opinion. I'm not here to be famous; not strive to get watchers. I'm just here to post things that I enjoy and maybe get a few commissions along the way. The watchers I get like the things I do and my stuff! Lastly, I don't like it when people piggy back off another's hard work to live the easy life. Just seems unfair. However, if you're truly excited or feel compelled to do some fan art, be my guest, its fun, just don't do it to gain watchers or a means to an end!

Do you take requests? Can I get free work?
- No. Unless I do a special stream where I state that I am taking requests.

Can you make bases for me to use?
- No. Go take the time to learn how to draw like the rest of us.

Can we do a trade?
- If you offer a trade, I have to have chatted with you at least several times and had to have enjoyed the chat in order for me to say yes. Otherwise, trades are reserved for good friends.

Do you use a tablet? If so what kind of tablet do you use?
- Yes, I use a very old model; Bamboo mte-450a.

What are all the art programs you use?
- Paint Tool SAI, Manga Studio 5, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and Adobe Flash CS5.

How long have you been drawing?
- In general, about around the same time I learn how to hold a writing utensil. Digitally, I would have to say 8 years maybe? Yea, I know I still suck at it.

Where or how did you learn how to draw?
- I taught myself mostly. Of course I took art classes in high school, but those don’t really teach you much. In college, all the classes where basically babysitting classes, where you just drew what you wanted to for three hours. (All the schools I have been to suck and didn't really teach me anything I hadn't already learned.) I am still teaching myself many new things by experimenting.

What's your favorite thing art related to do?
- Sketching stage.

What's your least favorite art related thing to do?
- Colouring. I suck at it.

Do you do anything while drawing?
- I eat, I watch YouTube videos, I listen to music, I chat with people online when they can, and I often day dream as well when my body goes on autopilot.

Do you often get art blocks or break from drawing? What do you do to get over them?
- Yes, I take time off from drawing. It's good for the mind and body to rest after hard work; however I usually go straight to playing video games, which don’t really help with resting the hands much. If I'm at a point where my hands won’t do what my brain tell them and the drawing just keeps coming out like crap with every line I make, I force myself to keep moving. I have said this to a few others who came to me for this advice. Think of an art block like a snow storm or blizzard. If you sit still you will freeze. You have to keep moving and eventually you will find a safe warm spot. Just keep moving forward. If you are at the point where you just don't find joy in drawing anymore, and it only causes you discomfort or a feeling of sadness, then my advice is to do what makes you happiest. If the idea of completely getting off the art path makes you happy, do it; don't feel pressured to do what makes you unhappy. That goes for anything, not just art.

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough?
- All the time. It's a human curse to think that way. I mostly feel that when I browse art work, trying to get inspired, but only end up feeling like utter poop because even after all these years, my crap is still trash compared to most.

What do you do if you’re not drawing?
- Probably writing out story ideas, playing video games, cooking or cleaning, or maybe chatting with the few who wish to chat with me. Either those or the times I’m forced to not draw, like in classes or at work.

Can you give me any pointers?
- Sure! Do what makes you happy. That is all I can tell you. If moving forward and trying your best makes you happy, do it. If sitting around chilling with the stars make you happy, do it. About the only time this rule doesn't apply, is when it involves controlling someone else's happiness or free will. (This includes murder. Most people will not be happy if you try to murder them. Most.)

Can you teach me how to draw (better)?
- Sure! I have done a few one-on-one sessions with people, who have a serious strive to get better, and I have had a lot of years of experience I would love to share, but in order for me to consider helping, I need to see that fire burning deep. If you are not 100% committed and sure if you want to learn, why bother. Sometimes you may know more than what I do, and may end up teaching me instead.

Do you RP? If so can I RP with you sometime? Can we RP with your characters from your comics?
- I have RPed a select few times, each just as fun as the last until the other realizes just how bad I am at it. As for RPing with my characters already in comics, that answer will have to be a hard no. They are already in their worlds, and a lot of people start to think the stuff we RP becomes canon and get quite upset when I tell them it’s not and that it was just for RPing sake. I will not RP with too young of people because they get a little too into the RP and or have very strict rules that makes RP, something that is intentionally just for FUN, no longer fun. Only if I know you extremely well will I RP with you.

Can I adopt/pet/hug you?
- Only people I trust can adopt me. Only people I have had a few good chats with can pet me. Only those who are in need of a hug can hug me.

What inspires you?
- EVERYTHIIINNNGG. I can't tell you how many things in life there are, and I can tell you there is more things that haven’t even been discovered. One good way to start a good inspiration trip... think about space... think about how big it is. Think about how small you and your life and your silly little problems really are. Think about how insignificant your birth really is, the chances of your ancestral lineage leading to you. Now think about the life that could be out there and how small and insignificant that is. Think about how dark and cold it all is. Think about the chance that it all started. Think of the ways it will all end. Think about space for just a few seconds... your mind will start to jump hoops over itself and a small window will open to the inspiration you are searching for. It will open a flood gate if you are willing to let it.

What animes do you like?
- All kinds really. Especially the oldies. Must have a good plot. I don’t care if it looks nice if the plot is poop. After a good plot, must have good animation. Style is something that comes after animation. My favorite genres are action, fantasy/sci-fi, and comedy. Got to have all to be the best though.

When making an oc, do you visualize out what you want in your head and draw it like that or are you a free flow type of artist and just start from nowhere and end up with something?
-It starts off with inspiration of something for sure. Could be a word or fruit or creature or even a colour pallet that starts it, but usually it doesn't just come out of nowhere. From that, I spend a few hours just thinking. Sometimes I will think of certain features I definitely want on the character, like a bell or hair design or markings or a third arm, whatever, and I will just doodle out features, sometimes that spark even more features I want, or even make a list of features, like different types of ears or hair styles. From there I pick out all the best features I like and start to build and form something and at that point it turns into free flow till I find a good stopping point, or think it's enough to get the message across. I really don’t like unnecessary things on characters sometimes. I like for each thing on a character to have a purpose, not just slapped on there. Some people can pull off the unnecessary things, and I commend those people, but for most it's more... "Why did you do that?" and I don’t want my characters to have that same things said about them. I also want to try and make it to where I can draw the character again and again, making it easy enough to be able to and not discourage drawing them again (otherwise what’s the point). Hope that helped explains a few things.


What started Cinder and Smoke? How did you think of them?
- During my first semester in college, my grandma was emitted to the emergency room a few hours away. It wasn’t till a few days later that my family had told me of the news as well as they had already left, leaving me behind in a crap dorm that was falling apart, as strangers roamed the halls. To help pay off a few expensive of college life, I was able to work on campus. I was made a desk sitter, where I would sign people in when they visit a dorm. One day while I sat at the desk I had made a new friend. Thank god too. I was in need of some good chats with good people. She also enjoyed anime and drawing it as well. As we sat there she thought of the idea of making characters after songs. We both picked a few songs and started sketching away at character designs. That evening at the desk was when Bukowski, Cinder and Smoke were born. We had planned to combine all these characters we had created into one story we would design together. But, as my shift ended, and we went back to our rooms, I couldn't stop thinking on these new characters. It was finally something to get my mind off starting college with strangers everywhere with a strange roommate who thought I was possessed by the devil because I don’t talk much at all, and the work that piled on, and the news of my family deserting me as they cared for my beloved grandma who had raised me as a child. Thinking about these characters and their soon to be story was a break from reality. I could lose myself, go numb, and forget about the world. The whole night I lied in bed and my mind raced of their story and their beginning and their lives. When I met with the friend again she understood that these new characters I had made couldn't be a part of the story we were going to create together. (* Thank you, Kat, I really appreciate you understanding and allowing me to wander with these babies.*)

How did you start to think of a story?
- As previously stated, it happened while I was in bed, shortly after the characters were created. I wanted to make a story that would revolve around a type of family feel or one that deals with relationships or connections because I could not be with mine when I wanted to most. A lot of strips in the story reflect events in my life, but written in different ways.

What is the main thing you want to communicate with the story?
- The main over all plot to the story, which honestly has not been really revealed, it has been under construction for a long period of time, carefully being laid out and puzzled together, is that not all is as it seems.

Have you ever thought about stopping the comic or giving up on it?
- Many times. My main reason for wanting to quit is that I just don’t have the time like I used to, but then I start to make the time. Cinder and Smoke is a very important part of my life, and has a very deep meaning to me, and I wish to share it with the people who are accidentally stumble upon it, as it’s not well known on the internet.

Who is your favorite in the story?
- I would have to say probably Bukowski and his life; losing someone very dear to him and then being forced to do something he was not happy doing, running away, only to find bitter loneliness in the years that passed, and then by fate finding something that would bring him back to reality and find a reason to live again. Bukowski was the first out of the series to be created.

Were any of the characters based on anyone you actually know?
- Yes, me. Each character has a side of me. Not that they are fully me, but have a side of me attached somewhere in their personality. If it’s asked I will fully label out what parts are me in each character and what parts are not.


What started 24 Karat?
- I had written a poem a while back. It was a short 4 lined poem but it was enough to start the idea.

How did you start to think of a story?
- I thought a little more on the poem and kept at it till a story and plot formed. Soon the story started to write itself. I have about 30 pages written out in script and it hasn't even fully taken off yet.

What is the main thing you want to communicate with the story?
- Love comes in all shapes and sizes, whether you’re ready or not, here it comes, and it takes control and rules all; you must fight to keep it or lose it, for the deeper the bond the more everlasting it is.

Have you ever thought about stopping the comic or giving up on it?
- No, actually, the series is too new and has so many pages of script out for it already; it’d be stupid of me to stop. The only reason why I would stop is time restraints. If my time was needed elsewhere I would have to put the comic on hold as I have done before but always look forward to returning to working on it.

Who is your favorite in the story?
- Probably Siindugahvonrehldehm, the grumpy greedy selfish arrogant dragon. He's so much fun to draw.

Were any of the characters based on anyone you actually know?
- Yes, me and how I love and or show love.


What started Now Firing?
- A fun idea to involve my audience. I saw someone else doing it and thought oh wow that would be super fun to do. So I did it.

How did you start to think of a story?
- With the help of watchers of course!

What is the main thing you want to communicate with the story?
- Comedy! Make it golden! Give me a laugh and a smile! I want to make stupid jokes throughout their pathetic ordeal of trying to find and keep a job. It's something we all try to do.

Have you ever thought about stopping the comic or giving up on it?
- Oh god no, the series just started! I have very little planed for it and very little time to work on it but if it’s a comedy, I would very much like to keep going!

Who is your favorite in the story?
- Faustus, because he's the cat's meow~

Were any of the characters based on anyone you actually know?
- No actually, these characters were created with the help of my audience again! They chose their personalities and designs!

More may be added as more questions pop up.
Thank you for reading!

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✪ Commission Questions ✪

I am currently unsure if I want to take my art in this direction, however, I am in desperate need of money.

There are currently 0 slots open

Where can I see your prices?
- Please note me & we will discuss your order and its price.

What can I commission from you?
- Practically anything as I don't really mind much. NSFW is alright, but will not be posted in courtesy of my watchers. However, if I do not feel up to the task of your request, I have every right to refuse. Please note me to discuss further!

May I repost work I commissioned from you?
- Honestly, I prefer if you didn't as I don't want any confusions with viewers thinking you stole or what have you, but if you must, then please ask me and receive my permission before you post anything.

Thank you ♥

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